WYNN WRIGHT - Heirloom Honey 500g


Wynn-Wright produces honey of excellent quality. Our liquid organic honey is collected from the pollution free outbacks of Australia, which is an excellent source of superior honey. We also supply to institutions and commercial bee companies around the world. Our range of honey comes in a variety of flavours and from light to dark amber.

Organic raw honey is a unique food. It is a living and instant energy-giving food. It also contains the antioxidants and minerals necessary for the functioning of a healthy body. It contains more than 25 different pre-digested sugars that are needed to provide the body with energy and good health. Raw honey is also rich in vitamin B, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and pollen.

The flavour of raw honey stimulates the appetite and aids digestion. It is beneficial to those suffering from anemia and also benefits dyspeptics, convalescents and the aged. Raw honey also helps malnourished patients recover quickly.

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